Bring Your Body Into Alignment with Nature's Remedies

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Dr. Ynge Ljung

About Dr. Ynge Ljung

Dr. Ynge's mission is to help as many people as possible. Since 1995 Dr. Ynge has been serving people as an Acupuncture Physician, Body Code™ Practitioner, Naturopath, Functional Medicine, Acutonic's® practitioner, alternative holistic healer and former NAET practitioner.

Imagine how much better you'll feel when you...

Consistently clear, balance, and restore your energy system?
Have ongoing access to Dr. Ynge and her 27+ years of expertise in holistic and natural healing remedies?
Become the master of your emotions so that you are no longer taken out by 'triggers' that bring you stress, upset and anxiety?
Protect yourself from the effects of the environment such as toxins, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation?

For the first time EVER, Dr. Ynge gives you open access twice per month to get answers and solutions to boost your body, mind and spirit!

People are raving about the secrets we're sharing...

Jen (South Florida)

When I first started working with Dr. Ynge I didn't understand why I couldn't lose weight and my sleep was so poor. I woke up every morning feeling like a truck had hit me. I couldn't control my hunger and I was so anxious, I had to eat to calm myself. NOW, I'm sleeping better and losing weight. Thank you Dr. Ynge!

RJ (Orlando, FL)

Working with Dr. Ynge created BIG shifts in me and I am amazed at how easily and quickly it happened. I'm actually a skeptic with this kind of thing, but the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend working with Dr. Ynge.

"Dr. Ynge is a God send to us! When my profoundly physically and mentally disabled sister was in an emergency health situation and her primary care physician couldn't see us, we reached out to Dr. Ynge and she took care of us immediately and went the extra mile in following up to make sure my sister was feeling better. My sister cannot communicate verbally - however with Dr. Ynge she has now learned to communicate in her own way. There has been a profound change in my sister since working with Dr. Ynge. Her physical appearance looks decades younger, she's engaging more with others and attempting to converse. Dr. Ynge practices the true art of healing at the deepest levels and we are eternally grateful."

Reeny and Jen

Upstate, New York

The Natural Health Circle with Dr. Ynge
Bringing Your Body Back Into Alignment with Nature's Remedies 

Here's What You Get When You Join Today

Meet with Dr. Ynge Twice Per Month

You'll have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Ynge twice per month in a group setting to ask questions and receiving ongoing guidance and suggestions to achieve optimal health naturally.

Education on Natural Healing Remedies from a Trusted Authority

Sure you could ask "Dr. Google" for natural healing remedies but wouldn't it be best to source that information from a trusted authority who has done the research and vetting for you? During every group session, Dr. Ynge will share the most current as well as time-tested remedies that nature and science provide.

On-Demand Access to All Replays

Can't make a live session? No problem - just email your question to Dr. Ynge and she'll answer it during the group session and you get all the replays! 

Instant Access to $44 in Bonuses!

Start tapping away your stress and frustrations now with instant access to four (4) EFT™ (Emotional Freedom Technique) Videos to Create Quick and Lasting Change

Special Invitation Only $47!

The Natural Health Circle Addresses All This and More!

Emotional Wellness

Achieve energetic balance when you remove trapped emotions, internalized trauma and more.

Body System Balance

Achieve physical balance by identifying issues in organs, glands, muscles, body systems and how they connect.

Toxic Resolution

Identify heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation & other toxins that may be throwing off your body's balance.

Pathogen Resolution

Find any fungal bacteria, viral, mold or parasitic invaders that wreak havoc on your body from the inside out.

Structural Balance

Support the proper function of bones, nerves, connective tissues and alignment.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Find any herbs and nutrients, exercise and lifestyle habits your body is asking for.


Learn how to identify allergic reactions that you may not have realized were causing your symptoms and challenges.


Get guidance on the right supplments to bring your body into balance and those that have the highest absorption levels so you can stop wasting money and time in reclaiming your health.

Weight Loss

Tired of carrying around an extra 10, 20 or 30 pounds? Let Dr. Ynge guide you in reducing cravings and finding the foods that are right for your unique body.

About Dr. Ynge Ljung

Acupunture Physician, Alternative Holistic Healer, Acutonic's® Practitioner, BodyCode™ Practitioner, Naturopath

Throughout her career, Dr. Ynge has been challenged by Western medicine’s reliance on treating symptoms typically with drugs, ignoring other factors that seem obvious.

She spent years studying ancient healing sources and Chinese truths that she then incorporated into the development of The Allergy Kit. Her extensive education in both Eastern and Western ideologies allowed her to create an easy, powerful and affordable way to “say bye bye to your allergies” once and for all. This approach creates a lasting effect that brings balance and harmony to the whole being and strengthens the immune system in the process.

Special Invitation Only $47!

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What's included with Dr. Ynge's Natural Health Circle Plan:

Twice Monthly Group Sessions with Dr. Ynge on the 2nd & 4th Mondays at 7pm Eastern.  [Value $600]
Every session provides teachings on natural healing remedies PLUS live Q&A with Dr. Ynge.
Can't make a live session? No problem - just email your question to Dr. Ynge and she'll answer it during the group session and you get all the replays!

Total Monthly Value $600 

Get all this with Dr. Ynge for less than $1.50 per day!