Attn: Chiropractors, Acupuncture Physicians, Nutritionists, Naturopath & Health Coaches

Service Providers for Autism Spectrum Disorders

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The Allergy Kit™

A Natural, Non-Invasive Treatment for Allergies & Sensitivities

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Who is this for...

Health & Wellness Professionals


Acupuncture Physicians

Functional / Naturopathic Doctors


Health Coaches

Autism Fields

Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialists

Occupational Therapists

Speech Language Pathologists

Developmental Psychologists

Rehabilitation / Behavior Modification Therapists

Wouldn't you love to...

Provide even greater services to your clients to aid in their healing
Earn additional revenue without additional effort
Have a product that aligns with your commitment to natural, holistic healing

Meet Dr. Ynge, Creator of The Allergy Kit™

Dr. Ynge Ljung
Creator of The Allergy Kit™

Acupunture Physician, Alternative Holistic Healer, Acutonic's® Practitioner, Body Code™ Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor

Throughout her career, Dr. Ynge has been challenged by Western medicine’s reliance on treating symptoms typically with drugs, ignoring other factors that seem obvious.

She spent years studying ancient healing sources and Chinese truths that she then incorporated into the development of The Allergy Kit. Her extensive education in both Eastern and Western ideologies allowed her to create an easy, powerful and affordable way to “say bye bye to your allergies” once and for all. This approach creates a lasting effect that brings balance and harmony to the whole being and strengthens the immune system in the process.

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